Table of Contents

Ludic Mutation is a dissertation written by Anne-Marie Schleiner under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mireille D. Rosello at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. I welcome any sort of critical feedback and comments. Please send a message if you would like to read more after the introduction and I will send you the password to the chapters.  -Anne-Marie

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Player’s Power to Change the Game

  1. The Game vs. the Player
  2. Chapters

Chapter One:  Lightness of Digital Doll Play

  1. The Changing Clothes Doll
  2. Unfolding Games
  3. Doll Avatars
  4. Theorizing Liberating Play
  5. Ludic Mutation vs. Ludic Stasis
  6. The Contagion of the Domestic
  7. Backwards to the Aesthetic  Space of Appearance
  8. Gender, Identity Play, and the Active Disclosure of the Who
  9. Collaboration and Plurality in an Online Space of Appearance
  10. The Sensual Pleasure of the Divide
  11. Beyond the Dollhouse

Chapter Two:  Modding: Cross-Over Mutation and Unwelcome Gifts

  1. The First Person Shooter and Game Modding
  2. Customization, Interface Mods, and Creative Cheats
  3. Artistic Noise in the System
  4. Cross-Over Mutation
  5. Transmission of Play Material
  6. Thieving Parasites
  7. A Common Sphere of Gifted Games
  8. Rejected Gifts

Chapter Three: Clockwork Worlds: Activist Games, Harrowing Missions, and Broken Toys

  1. Overseers of Toy World Operations
  2. The Enchanting Ordinariness of Toy World Equipment
  3. Player vs. Game
  4. Harrowing Missions
  5. Broken Toys and the No Play Imperative

Chapter Four:  City as Military Playground: Contested Urban Terrain

  1. Military Playgrounds
  2. Military Theories of Civilian Occupation
  3. The Ludaform of Urban Terrain
  4. From Deadly Play to Administrators of Life
  5. The Artist’s Intervention as Situationist Game
  6. Hacking the City
  7. Contesting the Terrain
  8. Funny Resistance
  9. Points of Detournment

Chapter Five:  Toys of Biopolis

  1. Biopolitics, Apparatus, Gadget
  2. The Biocontrol Society
  3. Mixed Reality Urban Reality and PaidiaicToys
  4. A Children’s Biopolis


  1. Two Tactics of Ludic Mutation
  2. Methodology: From Object to Theory